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So you want to sell your home yourself? Consider these 4 factors before you do

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Selling your home yourself may sound like a great idea from the outset.

It could cut down on costs by avoiding paying an agent’s commission, it also means that you will have to do all the work yourself at best, or, at worst, end up costing you risking losing money on your most valuable asset.

Apart from the convenience of leaving it to a professional, an estate agent brings several other crucial values to the table. As an expert working within the property market on a daily basis,
an agent will be able to assist you with correctly pricing your home, marketing and advertising the house, running show days and negotiating the sale.

This is one of the most important factors to consider when selling your home. But we have 4 more reasons why using an agent will help you make the most money in the shortest time when selling your home.


Reason #1 Higher profit potential when selling through an agent


While many people think they will make more money by avoiding paying an agent commission and handling the sale themselves, statistics reveal otherwise. In most cases, selling the property through an agent will bring about a higher profit, often enough to cover commission and

Why is this? Well, for one thing, the estate agent has the experience and resources to price the home appropriately. According to studies, homes that are priced correctly when they are first listed sell faster, and for a better price than those that list at inflated prices and linger on the market for longer than they should. The longer the home stays on the market, the more the price tag will decrease.

Reason #2 Free-up your valuable time


It wont take long to list the property online, but that is not where it ends. There is also the matter of handling potential buyers, not to mention home inspectors and appraisers. All of this can be extremely time-consuming. An agent will also be able to screen buyers, help sellers to prepare for home inspections and ensure that the whole sales process is handled efficiently.

Reason #3 The subtle art of negotiation


Considering that a home sale is probably one of the biggest deals that a seller will make in their lives, wouldn’t you want to leverage the negotiating skills of a seasoned professional helping you along? Listing the home with an agent also means that you will get the agent’s marketing power, access to their network and connections.

Reason #4 Low risk, high reward


If a homeowner sells the property themselves they run the risk of making mistakes and dealing with possible legal consequences. The process can be complicated and there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed correctly. Mistakes here cost time and money.

An agent will know the ins and outs of what is required and how it needs to be filled out. Due to the nature of property sales and the huge financial impact these transactions have on peoples’ lives, the right estate agent can add value and be a helpful, professional guide for
homeowners to rely on.

Are you ready to sell your home through a reputable and professional real estate team?

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